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You would think Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a preventative double mastectomy would be an issue concerning herself, her family, and the field of breast cancer research. You would think that, but you would be wrong.

Jolie’s article in the New York Times announcing months of risky procedures to increase her chances of a long, healthy life was the source of inspiration for women around the world. Breast cancer awareness and research groups praised her. Bloggers highlighted the benefits of a public figure raising awareness. Following the announcement, mainstream media outlets covered the rare BRCA1 gene in more depth than ever before.

As the CEO of the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation said in the Age, "Thanks to research, women in Jolie situation are in a much better position today. They are able to make an informed
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But let’s not waste time on empowerment or medical benefits. This, as most things ultimately are, is about men. How dare Angelina Jolie, one of the sexiest women in the world, remove an object of sexual desire? Did she even think of men? What about her husband, the poor Brad Pitt?

Twitter, always your one stop shop for offensive online commentary, was full of people sympathising with Pitt.

The tweets ranged from the misogynistic to the blatantly racist.

It was
Michael Kors handbags rare that any negative coverage of the double mastectomy highlighted the inherent risks of the procedure. Instead, Jolie was chastised. Despite Pitt speaking to USA Today about his relief and support (funny that he would be more concerned for his wife wellbeing than his access to her body) the tweets kept coming.

It incredibly disappointing to see, in 2013, a woman being reduced to nothing more than her aesthetic value and worth to men. These tweets, whilst not representative of all views, reveals women are still seen as objects. People are concerned for Brad Pitt because Angelina Jolie seen as may not live up to their narrow definition of an acceptable woman.

a personal note, I do not feel any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity, Jolie

Being a woman is so much more than looking the part, and infinitely more than just possessing a pair of With or without them, Jolie has used her
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Dated: May 21 2013

Fantastic story Yara! I agree, it is really disappointing that in 2013 people are actually tweeting comments like that.

It just proves that there are still people out there who have sexist attitudes in our society. Which is really disappointing.

While the tweets may have been a joke or all in good fun, this issue is a sensitive one. Furthermore, people being insensitive towards it is just disgusting.

We need to remember that social media specifically Twitter in this case is a very public platform. While people may have different views we should be considerate of individuals.

I agree with Ally, you perspective was refreshing and really well written. Kudos to you, Yara.

The fact that Jolie needs to prove she still feels like a woman is ridiculous. In writing her piece, she may have foreseen the type of comments that would come her way. The same goes for Brad Pitt, why does he, as a man, need to tell the world he supports his wife? Because other men will ridicule him? Like breasts are the most important things in the world, right? What is the worth of a woman without her breasts?

I sure the men who tweeted those comments would be grateful to know their mother, girlfriend or sister would be able to increase their quality of life through such a procedure. It when a public figure is involved in anything, no matter how positive, people find it their right to critique their lives.

I really enjoyed how this article was written.

While Angelina Jolie is definitely a brave woman for deciding to undergo this procedure, it got a bit
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Your article is a breath of fresh air in looking at this issue from the perspective of Angelina Jolie as a woman, instead of Angelina Jolie as a celebrity.

Personally as a heterosexual man, I am disgusted and disappointed by the tweets by my peers. It is people like them that throws the progress of equal rights among the sexes back a few years.

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